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 DAY 5

I did it. I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I had my first trip. It was a rush. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of myself.  Above is a pic of what I bought.  Now how much did it all cost…………. $3.23 (including tax).  Yep. For my first time out, I don’t think that’s bad. I got…….

(1) Two liter Pepsi

(1) Bic Soliel Razor

(1) 1/2 gallon of Milk

(2) Nestle Crunches

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(2) Butterfingers

(2) Tubes of Colgate

(2) packs of CVS brand candy

(2) Right Guard Men’s Body Wash

(1) Pair of headphones (coincidentally free with purchase of razor, retails 18.99)

This was all from CVS and it was a combination of coupons, Extracare Rewards and careful planning.  It took 5 transactions but it was worth it.

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Sooooooooooooooooo, I have cut my coupons and i am searching online for blogs and shopping tips and I find myself pressured to buy something and do well.  Looking at the coupons to see the expiration dates makes me feel rushed and nervous.  Lol.  And blogging about it adds pressure to do well.  OMG!!!!! What have i done?


Man……. There are a lot of coupons.  I don’t know which ones to cut.  Lol.  I have heard of the prospects of overages (when the amount on the coupon or combination of coupons exceed the total) so I wanna cut out everything cause in a good sale, overages can take my total from cheap to free.  And it gives me more things to donate if I won’t use it.  Is that greedy?  Naaaaaaah.

And it’s a MILLION coupons…… well not a million but close to it. Lol. I keep trying to think of what I have been reading on the internet and what I have been told by friends so the  coupons are starting to look like money in the bank.  On the other hand, it is time-consuming and a bit overwhelming.

Well, tomorrow is Tuesday so the sale papers come out.  I will be comparing my coupons to the sales to see what I can get.  Wish me luck.


I went to my local Arco to get gas and to pick up my newspapers.  I was told by my friend Shaunese at that you had to get multiples.  Makes sense.  Well low and behold, someone had went through the papers and had taken some, if not all of the coupons.  There were coupons everywhere.  Sunday Times all thrown about.  I know people are serious about their coupons but dang!!! So i picked up what was on the floor along with the only paper that seemed  intact and headed to the register.  I went to another Arco to but another one.

I was also told that I need to get discount cards from the grocery stores and drug stores. So I went on my way to collect my club/discount cards from various drug stores and markets.  While there i picked up sales papers and in-store coupon books.  I am ready to start cutting.

coupon21 DAY 2

Clip Clip Clip



So day one. I went to the store with my friend.  As we were going to the store she was telling me about different rules of couponing for different stores….. Who knew? Our first stop was Ralph’s where she bought about 50 dollars worth of food and paid about 6 dollars.  Next stop was Target where I too did a transaction.  This time she got about 60 dollars worth of merchandise and paid less than six dollars.  In my own transaction, I bought bananas, gum, and 3 packs or nail files/emery boards and only paid 37 cent (the tax of my items).  Yes, my transaction was free.  I was sold.  I am going tomorrow, which just happens to be Sunday, to get my first stack of coupons.  Yay me. I’ll keep ya posted.


Hi everyone. My name is K and I am about to embark on a journey of savings…..hopefully. My good friend at has been telling me about couponing for a long time now and while I sometimes benefit from her couponing (she gives me stuff), I had never done it myself.  Because I was somewhat interested I started watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing show and I was even more intrigued.  While I don’t want to buy 50 bottles of mustard at one time or have food over flowing into rooms other than my kitchen, I am interested to see how much money I could save on things I would normally purchase.  I would love for you to take this journey with me.  Maybe we can all learn and hopefully save together.


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