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I Need Papers!!!


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OMG! I am so behind in my couponing.  I have been forgetting to get my newspapers.  I was just looking for my October P&Gs and my sister helped me realize that I didn’t buy papers that day……UGH. I guess it to Ebay I go……  I now have to pay more for them and wait for shipping.  Ugh!!! My forgetful mind.  newspaper I Need Papers!!!

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Been looking for me?

magnifying glass w sherlock

I hope so.

I hope you have missed me.  I have been on quite the hiatus with only a few sporadic posts here and there.  Well you may not know it but I suffered a tremendous loss recently and I have been trying to get my life back together.  This now includes getting my blog back together.  Sooooooooooo



magnifying glass Been looking for me?

Target Deals

target sign

Target is trying to get back on my couponing radar by offering great deals through their Mobile Coupons.  All you do is text certain words to 827438 and you get a barcode with a list of coupons you can use that barcode for. And like regular Target coupons, you can use them in conjunction with manufacturer coupons for an even better deal.  A lot of the coupons are for Target brand items (Market Pantry) which are usually already pretty good deals, but there are also a lot of  coupons for name brand items too that you may very well have manufacturer coupons for as well.  The coupons include fresh fruit, veggies, bread, cheese, meats, pasta, and toothpaste……….just to name a few. So start texting and start saving. The words to text that i know so far are:






Happy Shopping

target sign Target Deals

How I Got Hooked on Couponing


This is how I got hooked……….So day one. I went to the store with my friend.  As we were going to the store she was telling me about different rules of couponing for different stores….  Who knew? Our first stop was Ralph’s where she bought about 50 dollars worth of food and paid about 6 dollars.  Next stop was Target where I too did a transaction.  This time she got about 60 dollars worth of merchandise and paid less than six dollars.  In my own transaction, I bought bananas, gum, and 3 packs of nail files/emery boards and only paid 37 cent (the tax of my items).  Yes, my transaction was free.  I was sold.


target sign How I Got Hooked on Couponing

Free reusable bag from TARGET

target sign

Target is giving away FREE Reusable shopping bags on Sunday April 21st in celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd.  This is a great way to not only get a new bag, but save money.  Lots of stores, including Target, give discounts at checkout for having a reusable bag. And…..the bag will be filled with samples and coupons.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!

target bag Free reusable bag from TARGET

Awesome CVS coupon Good for this week


Got a CVS deal you are executing this week? Well i have a coupon for you. Get 3$ off of 15$ on any Easter themed purchases. Were you thinking of buying candy or basket stuffers? Well here’s your chance. Pair it with the CVS coupons from the Coupon Machine and some manufacture coupons AND the ecb deals this week  and you could be in for a great deal. Here’s the link. Click here


cvs Awesome CVS coupon Good for this week

Do You Buy Coupons Online

Clip Clip Clip

I have recently started purchasing coupons online……..namely on eBay. Sometimes there is a super good coupon in the paper and I only get like 3-5 papers each week so it is  necessary to get more of that particular coupon or more of that whole insert. I know that there are clipping services available but I personally have not used one. I use eBay. I love it. Lol. I’m always hunting for a good deal on the coupons I need. Sometimes, I just search for random stuff and find good coupons that are regional and so I have never even seen them; especially peelies. It’s a great resource if you are looking for some extra coupons. Have you guys ever used eBay? Do you use clipping services? Let me know.

red2 Do You Buy Coupons Online

FREE FOOD………yuummmmmmmm


Are you hungry? Will you be tomorrow?   Well nothing satisfies hunger better than free food.  TOMORROW ONLY, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, Panda Express will be giving away FREE SHRIMP.  That’s right.  A single serving of their Tangy Jumbo Shrimp.  No purchase necessary.  Just bring in the coupon either printed or on your smart phone and BAM!!!!!, free shrimp.  click here to print full size coupon

panda FREE FOOD.........yuummmmmmmm

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