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Coupon Excitement

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I’m so excited about the sales and coupons this week. What about u guys?

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CVS run……. Still Available


20120725 021850 CVS run....... Still Available

I got this haul at CVS on Monday.  I made money on this deal. You can do it too. Here’s how.

Transaction 1:
1 Nice and Easy Root Touch Up 5.99
2 AMP Energy Drinks 3.00 each
1 Cortaid Cream 5.99
1 Carmex 1.67
1 Nice and Easy 7.99
Total: $24.64 plus tax

Coupons Used
-5.99 Free Cortaid CVS coupon up to 5.99
-1.50 off Carmex CVS coupon
-(2) 3.00 Nice and Easy coupon from July P&G
-(2) 2.00 off any hair color of 5.99 or more CVS coupon
– 3.00 off 10 beauty purchase CVS coupon
-4.00 ECBs
Total $0.15 plus tax
Received 3.00 ECBs for AMP and 1.00 ECBs for green bag tag

Transaction 2:
1 Crest Toothpaste 2.99
1 Crest Mouthwash 2.99
2 Stayfree Pads 2.00 each
2 Candy Bars .50 each
2 Revlon Nail Polish 4.99 each
1 Nice and Easy Root Touch Up 5.99
Total:$ 26.95 plus tax

Coupons Used
– 1.00 off any mouthwash CVS coupon
-.75 off any Crest mouthwash from July P&G
1.00 off any toothpaste CVS coupon
-.75 off any Crest Pro Health toothpaste from July P&G
(2) 2.00 off Stayfree coupons from 7/22
-1.00 off any Mars candy bar CVS coupons
-.50 off of 2 Mars candy bars peelie
-3.00 Nice and Easy coupon from July P&G
(2) 1.00 Revlon Color Cosmetic from 7/22
-2.00 off 10 beauty purchase CVS coupon
-4.00 off 20 purchase CVS coupon
-2.00 ECBs
-4.00 ECBs from transaction 1
Total $0.95 plus tax
Received 4.00 ECBs from Crest and 6.00 ECBs from Revlon

Overall…….. Paid $1.10 OOP with 10 ECBs left over.

Newspaper Madness


I think I’m lucky that I don’t actually have to purchase my newspapers. I have cultivated a great relationship with the “paperman” and I get multiple papers from him for free.  However the is a setback. I have to meet him on Monday mornings at 4:30 in the morning in front of CVS.  My husband and a couple of friends think I’m crazy.  But I feel like its worth it. What do you think?

Changes at Target


In the past week, I have visited target twice and both times I was given disturbing news from the cashiers.

First I was told that I could not purchase two shirts with two target coupons in the same transaction. Because the coupons were the same, I could only use one.  And that actually, they were only supposed to allow me to use one coupon  period because their coupons say ” one coupon or offer per guest”.  I was stunned.

The very next time was yesterday. My friends and I went to price match Pepsi next.  PepsI 2 liters are on sale this week at CVS for $.77 cent. We have $.50 cent off Pepsi Next coupons from an insert a couple of weeks ago. We figured “Awesome”.  Price match from CVS, use Pepsi Next Target coupon from insert, and Voila, Pepsi for $.27 cent each.  Sadly, this was not the case. We were told that because the ad says “on sale with card” they do not honor that price and therefore will not price match it? Really??? Almost all stores have a store loyalty program and the vast majority of the sales are for those who hold the store loyalty cards.  That is soooooooo not right!  Needless to say, I am not happy with Target. coupon clipping service1 Changes at Target

My Walmart will no longer be 24 hours…..Sadness as fallen over the land

I just learned that the Walmart in my area will now be closing at  midnight. :-(. This is devastating news to a night owl such as my self.  I couldn’t believe it when my favorite night manager, Barb, gave me the news. It was such a shock. I spoke to LS from Savin It Up and she too was very saddened.  The nearest 24 hour Walmart will now be about 6 miles away.  That may not seem far but when u r used to traveling right up the street, it’s a big adjustment. And in top of that, from my experiences, they r not coupon friendly. I’m so sad.

I tried Rite Aid Again


So I decided to give Rite Aid a go once again.  I said I would invest $5.00 and see how far that could get me.  The only thing is, it wasn’t that much on sale this week if you were a starter with a $5.00 investment. So here it is…..

1 I tried Rite Aid Again

The Skittles were  2/$2.00 with 1 +ups reward back and i had two $.50 off of 1 coupons from the riteaid website

The Oreos were B1G1 Free *it only looks like 3 packs there but there are 4* I had two $1.00 off of 2 coupons from the riteaid website . No +ups rewards back, I just wanted some Oreos.

The Dentyne was 2/$4.00 with 1-ups reward back. and I had four $1.oo off of 1 coupons from the Sunday paper about 2 weeks ago.

All in all, I paid $5.44 (a little over my what i wanted to invest *it was the Oreos that pushed me over*) and I received 3+ups back. So it’s almost like getting everything for $2.44. Not bad for my first time. And again, not too many things for a cheap starter like me.  Now let’s see if I can flip my three ups into something more next week.   YAY

Price Matching Power


I went to my FAVORITE price matching store, Walmart, and scored some great deals.  They are still available!!!!! Take a look below:

 Price Matching Power  RALPHS

Koolaid/ Country Time Canisters

$1.00 Each used $1.00 off of 2 q from  Store Tearpad (paid .50 cent each)

Barilla Pasta

$1.00 Each used .75 cent off 1 q from   Store Tearpad (paid .25 cent each)



$1.50 Each used $1.00 off of 2 q from 4/29 paper (paid $1.00 each)


General Mills Cereal

$1.49 Each used .85 cent off 1 Multigrain Cherrios printable (paid .64 cent each) also used .75 cent off 1 Dulce de Leche q from unknown week’s paper (paid .74 cent each) also used $1.00 off of 2 printable (paid .99 cent each)


$.59 cent Each used .55 cent off 1 q from 4/29 paper (paid .04 cent each)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

$1.99 Each used $1.25 off of 1 printable (paid .74 cent each)


Reach toothbrushes

$.99 cent Each used $1.00 off peelie on all Reach, Listerine, and Rembrandt Products ( free)


Milk, bread, cheese, oil…… (paid full price)

Reach Dental Floss $.97 cent Each used $1.00 off peelie on all Reach, Listerine, and Rembrandt Products ( free)

Starbucks Refreshers *free with free coupon from 4/29

Creating a stock pile

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The key to creating a stock pile is knowing your stock up price.  YOUR STOCK UP PRICE!!!!!!

This means asking yourself , “What price is low enough for me to buy at least 10?” When you find an item at that price, go for it.  For all of us, the ultimate  price is of course free, but alot of the times, especially in California, free is not possible.  The best rush is to find something on sale for 1.00 and have a 1.00 off q.  That means it goes home with me FOR FREE.  Unfortunately, those deals are not always the case.

For me, .50 cent and under is a great chance to stock up for food.  There are things I HAVE to buy that are of course more expensive but usually.50 cent is low enough FOR ME to buy multiples.  FOR YOU, that might be too high or too low.  Because we have not been getting good cereal coupons and cereal sales, I’m willing to buy a box or two of cereal at any price less that 1.00, but I won’t buy 10 or more unless they are .50 cent or less.

What is your stock up price?

My first time at Rite Aid

rite aid

rite aid My first time at Rite Aid

Remember I said i was going to conquer a new store?  Well I went to Rite Aid yesterday.  And it was an interesting experience.  First the bad…….

They had nothing i wanted. NOTHING! I live in Lancaster, Ca.  A super small city and there is only 1 Rite Aid out here.  I should have known that the sale crap would be gone…….. Now the good……

The cashier, Tyree was sooooooooooo nice.  I bought ice cream and my friend Jesse bought Aspirin and Sucrets.  He was friendly and we had no problem with the coupons.  One that wouldn’t scan, he just manually put it in.  No questions asked.  It was AWESOME.

Tyree said they get new shipment today so I will go back to see if I can do my deals planned for this week.  I’ll keep you posted.

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